Monday, July 28, 2014

Animals With a Twist Month - July 21-27

Welcome to my 3rd post of ANIMALS WITH A TWIST doodles! This week was a quite a varied group but just as much fun as all the others.  Scroll down to check out my doodles from the week!



MORE OWLS - These were a lot of fun.
Erin's OWLS



I doodled this last week after receiving good news about an illustration I submitted to a major press.
We have had many new doodlers join the online Doodle Day daily drawing challenge community and I am thrilled. The more people who feel the power of doodling - the better. Welcome to all of our new participants.
If you like to doodle and want to start participating in Doodle Day, join our Facebook Group page to become part of the doodling community!
If you still aren't sure if Doodle Day is for you - check out this video!


In addition to my own drawings this week - my daughter (co-founder of Doodle Day) attended
Mini Masters Painting Camp and here are 4 of her pieces from the week:
Inspired by Mondrian
Erin didn't like the "stiffness" of the straight lines so she filled her own
with an "upside down rainbow."
Inspired by Frida Kahlo
Inspired by Monet
Inspired by Klimt
Come back to my blog next weekend to check out the last week of ANIMALS WITH A TWIST.
Next month, we will be doodling Insects and Bugs and following an A to Z format - which will increase the variety of the posts.
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 Post a comment or suggest a Doodle theme (just keep it family friendly). : )
Have fun!

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  1. Very inspiring, Alison, both your art and Erin's. Both of you keep on creating, and keep on inspiring!