Wednesday, November 18, 2020

 New Free Pandemic 2020 Coloring Page #75!

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When I started drawing these pages back in March, I never imagined that my Pandemic 2020 coloring pages would roll into 2021, but we know they will. I have almost filled a sketchbook with just coloring pages. Today is day 252 of quarantine and Thanksgiving is around the corner. The leaves are falling and my dog is happily crunching through them on our walks. Please follow the CDC guidelines and don't gather in person for Thanksgiving or Christmas or Hanukkah this year. Let's work together to slow the spread. 

day 252

Monday, November 16, 2020

New Free Pandemic 2020 Coloring Page #74!

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Today is day 247 of quarantine and Thanksgiving is next week. I read a quote yesterday that really stuck with me. 

"This is not the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have."

The CDC recommends that people not get together for Thanksgiving and I truly hope that people will listen. I know it will difficult for many, but think of the greater good. The sooner that we can stop the spread, the better.