Sunday, July 20, 2014

Doodle Day: Animals with a Twist - July 14-20

Doodle Day is a daily drawing challenge and we just finished our 3rd week of Animals With a Twist. This supportive community of doodlers now has over 500 participants from around the world! We have ages 4 to 84 and everyone from teachers, parents, children, friends, friends of friends, writers, and artists of all skill levels. Hanging out with other doodlers is one of my favorite things to do so scroll down and check out my doodles for the week. Then, pick up a pencil and try creating some animals doodles for yourself.

To see my Animal Doodles from Week 1, click HERE.
To see my Animal Doodles from Week 2, click HERE.

Here are my doodles for Week3 :

This one wasn't for a prompt. Just felt like my life was balancing act and had to doodle it.


I chose to do SEA OTTERS.

I had a lot of fun doodling the first KANGAROO scene so I did a couple more pages in my sketchbook.

LEMUR - I chose to doodle RING TAILED LEMUR
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Have fun!


  1. Alison, Thanks for sharing your sketches from Doodle Day. I visit the facebook page everyday but I think I missed seeing some of your posts. I've been working to improve my drawing skills using Doodle Day to inspire me and keep me on task. It's great fun to see how other folks interpret the theme. As you can tell from my recent post, I'm interested in doing some drawings that are 'storytelling'. Love the tips others have shared re: this theme. I made a personal list. Let me know if you want to see it. THANKS again for keeping my nose to the grindstone!

    1. Louann, I love seeing your detailed doodles. You are a master of texture. Storytelling just means to give your characters an action in the illo. Show your fabulous characters doing something and you'll be set. : )