Saturday, April 11, 2020

New Coloring Page!
The World Health Organization says we should, "Be informed, Be prepared, Be smart, and Be safe," so I put that into my Pandemic Art Journal and have a page to share with you. I'll digitally color this one and add that to my journal, too. It is day 4 of Passover and tomorrow is Easter so hang in there. We are all muddling through this together. Copy, paste, print, share. 

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Friday, April 10, 2020

New Coloring Page!

Quarantine Day 27 and I'm craving french fries. In any case, a friend posted this quote yesterday and it made me feel a little bit better. No matter how stressful this is, no matter how scary this is, the sun will continue to rise. This page is free to download, copy, paste, color, and share. 

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Pandemic Art Journaling...

It is day 26 of quarantine for me and my family. One of my favorite ways to relieve stress is to draw. Last week, I started a new Pandemic 2020 art journal and after drawing the first page, I decided to share my pages as coloring sheets for both adults and children before actually coloring or painting them in myself. 

I've now created 6 pages that I've shared on Facebook in various groups as well as on my own personal and professional page (Alison K Hertz - Author/Illustrator). Since coloring is a proven way to relieve stress and anxiety, I've made these pages free for download so you can color them or share them with a friend or family member who might need them. 

We are all in this together (hmm, that might be my next page) so print, share, color. I'd love it if you would mention that I created the page if and when you post your colored masterpiece on social media. You can just include the link to this blog so your friends and family can find other pages to color.

Here are the pages (in chronological order) ... may them bring a bit of peace to you and your family.

Check back for more coloring pages coming soon!


If you color in the Thank You page, 
please share it with helpers in your life.