Monday, August 11, 2014

My Doodles from July 28th to August 9th

Here are the last few days of Animals with a Twist...



On to August...
August brings a new month of doodles and a new challenging theme. This month in Doodle Day, we are focusing on INSECTS and to make it even more challenging, we are combining it with A to Z so each day the prompt is a letter and each doodler has the freedom of selecting an Insect that starts with that letter. There are soo many fascinating insects out there and a lot of wonderful Entomology sites that even list them for us in alphabetical order so it is just up to us to select which one to doodle. Fun!

A is for Acrobat Ants

B is for Dancing Bees

C is for Crickets

D is for Dragonfly

E is for Elephant Beetle

F is for Firefly

G is for Greenfly

H is for Heliconius Charithonia Butterfly
I is for Insects
Come back next Sunday to see all of the insect doodles I create this week!
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Have fun!

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