Wednesday, July 8, 2020

New Free Pandemic 2020 Coloring Page #37
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Today is day 117 of quarantine and it feels like a roller-coaster of emotions. From enjoying my time to write and work in the garden to stressed about what school will look like this fall for my kids. I miss having lunch once in a while with a friend. I miss hanging out at the pool with my kids and their friends. Wear the mask, keep social distancing, let's flatten the curve, lower the death rate and get this virus out of our country. 

On a side note - I'm considering illustrating an adult coloring book and one for kids. Theme? Maybe birds, maybe just abstract like today's page, maybe empowering messages combined with abstract designs. Leave a message below if you think that you'd be interested in a coloring book and go ahead and let me know if a theme interests you - the price point would be about $6 for 30 coloring pages. - Thanks. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

New Free Pandemic Coloring Page #36
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Today is day 115 of quarantine. COVID19 numbers in Georgia are on the rise. So stay home if you can and wear a mask when you go out to public places like the grocery store. I hope that my coloring pages can give you or your family some stress relief while you build hand/eye coordination. Follow me on Facebook or click on the right side to follow this blog so you don't miss any coloring pages. I post every Monday and Wednesday.