Saturday, June 15, 2013

WANTED: FEMALE SUPERHEROES (for Children's books)

Are there enough female superheroes in our world?
No. Well, maybe, if you count all the powerful women in the comics who are flying around in the background. What does this say to our girls? Wonder Woman was fantastic but she has retired. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is off the air. Our children need to see that women and girls can stand up for themselves, can fight for our freedoms, can help to save our world from the bad guys.

Becky Fyfe saw this need and has created a writing challenge (she will need drawings, too). Check out her post here:

Ready to write? Here are some things to think about:
  • How old is she?
  • What is her superpower and how did she get it?
  • How does she use this power for good?

If you clicked on the link above, you read that the challenge is to write a flash fiction or short story but I'm sure you could write a picture book that is between 300-1000 words.
If you are an artist, draw up your main character or even her sidekick.
What does her costume look like? Does she have an alter ego? What does she look like on a normal day?
Why does the world need her?

Send your story to Becky Fyfe by the end of June and it could be included in an anthology in print and e-book!
The profits are being donated to a charity focused on empowering and strengthening and helping our girls and women.

Now...write and draw. This sounds like a blast to me!

Hey, Blast - now there's a great super name. 

Have fun!


Monday, June 10, 2013


The DOODLE DAY MAY drawing challenge is finished but I have and will continue to create a daily doodle and post as many as I can on my blog, Facebook page, or in the Doodle Day May Facebook group along with links, interviews, contests, illustrations, news, videos, etc...

During the DOODLE DAY MAY challenge, I created several doodles each day and almost filled an entire brand new sketchbook. Below, I have posted just some of those doodle from each day to summarize my month.

If you would like to order a t-shirt or baseball hat for yourself or your child who participated, go to the Café Press store for Doodle Day May.

Original Blog Post with the announcement of Doodle Day May
Day 1 - Zentangles

Day 2 - Monsters

Day 3 - Think outside the circle

Day 4 - Make a face

Day 5 - Flower

Day 6 - Hat

Day 7 - Dog

Day 8 - Tree

Day 9 - Critters

Day 10 - One Continuous Line

Day 11 - Give Me a Hand

Day 12 - Mothers

Day 13 - Through the Window

Day 14 - Sun

Day 15 - Heart

Day 16 - Space

Day 17 - Fruit

Day 18 - Swirls

Day 19 - Triangle

Day 20 - Fish

Day 21 - Shoe

Day 22 - Font

Day 23 - Vegetable

Day 24 - Flame

Day 25 - Square

Day 26 - Leaf

Day 27 - Star

Day 28 - Paisley or Filigree

Day 29 - Ribbon

Day 30 - Shell

Day 31 - Wave

There were 64 adult participants and at least 10 children doodling along in the Doodle Day May challenge. These participants included artists, writers, teachers, parents, children, friends, and friends of friends. The group continues to be a productive, supportive environment where members can post their doodles, ask questions about technique and media, post links to artists, videos, blogs, books, announce art classes or ask for class or media or technique suggestions, etc...

Look for a Character-a-Day Challenge (not sure what I'll call it yet) in late August or early September that will last a week (or possibly two).

I hope you will keep checking back to my blog for Story Starters, Doodles, Interviews, Announcements, Tips, etc...

Remember to keep doodling and have fun! Don't overthink it. Just put your pencil to the paper and see where it goes.