Saturday, July 13, 2013


Welcome to Doodle Day July! This is Day 13 and yesterday's robot doodles were amazing.

Yesterday, one of our doodlers wrote that this Challenge is "like going to some sort of artistic gym everyday and exercising your creative muscles. I love seeing all the different interpretations of the challenge word." 

Do you doodle? If you haven't joined this stress free environment filled with artists, writers, parents, teachers, children, friends, and friends of friends - then join us now. Doodling is a great exercise in opening up your creative mind. The group posts art tips, websites to check out, tutorials to see, shares ideas, makes suggestions for improvement, tells you the wonderful things about your doodle. Truly a wonderful, supportive environment. A doodle can take you anywhere from a few seconds on a post it to a hour on some cold press watercolor paper.

Today's doodle prompt is courtesy of Laura Miller. Thanks, Laura!


Friday, July 12, 2013


Welcome to Day 12 of the Doodle Day drawing challenge. I hope you have been enjoying the prompts and taking a minute or two each day to create a doodle.

So far in July, we have had the following prompts:
Day 1 - Doodle the word "Doodle"
Day 2 - Skyline
Day 3 - Mandala
Day 4 - Sparkle
Day 5 - Swing
Day 6 - Sad
Day 7 - Storm
Day 8 - Notan
Day 9 - Duckling
Day 10 - Picnic
Day 11 - Crustacean

I hope you're ready for something a little more angular with some firm edges and corners.

The prompt for Day 12 is ROBOT.

Robots can be tall and slender or short and squat - think C3PO versus R2D2 from Star Wars.
Robots can be HUGE and powerful or small and gentle.

One way to doodle a robot is to break it down into shapes: Think of cubes, cylinders, spheres and combine them. Add some accordion shapes. See a robot in your mind. One that you could have created in 3rd grade out of paper tubes, foam balls, boxes, and pipe cleaners. See the parts and doodle it. Draw loosely to create and combine the shapes then after they are in place, outline it with a firmer line and it's done.

Does your robot have buttons, slides, knobs?
Does your robot have antennae?

Here are some 3D shapes for reference but your robot doodle can be 2D, too:

Here are some robots:

Have fun!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Welcome to the Doodle Day July drawing challenge. Today is Day 11 and this group of doodling participants is AMAZING! The Facebook Group has posted more than 850 doodles! Whether you are an artist, writer, parent, teacher, grown up, or child old enough to hold a crayon - this stress free challenge is for you. Maybe you think you "can't draw". Seriously? Did someone actually tell you that? Have you read ISH by Peter H Reynolds? Can you make a dot? A line? A squiggle? If you can, then you can draw. If you think that you can't it is probably because you are judging yourself too harshly - maybe you don't paint like Rembrandt...

but who told you that you have to? There are as many different styles of painting and drawing as there are artists. The Doodle Day challenge is to inspire, to let your creativity free, to draw and share your drawings without being judged.

After all, if you can draw this:

Then you can also draw these:
Stop overthinking it. Doodling is fun.
Use circles, lines, and squares in combination to create shapes or just put your pencil to the paper and see where it goes. It doesn't have to "BE" anything that you recognize.
Look at these famous paintings:


Now that I have given my mini "You Can Draw" lecture, it's time to introduce the DOODLE DAY JULY - DAY 11 DOODLE PROMPT.
Thank you to Sylvia Liu for posting this one on her blog.
Then click around Sylvia's site to see her work.
Have fun!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Welcome to the Doodle Day drawing challenge! Today is day 10 and we are 1/3rd of the way through the challenge. I hope you are enjoying the doodles and ready to put your pencil to the paper for some more.

Today's doodle prompt is in honor of a fun summertime activity...


Remember - this is a doodle. Don't over think it. You don't have to create a scene, you can draw a picnic blanket or use that pattern to fill a shape. You can doodle one element of a picnic - whatever it makes you think of, fried chicken, watermelon, grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, or just the picnic basket. Create a doodle using the picnic basket pattern/texture on any other shape. What does the word PICNIC mean to you? Doodle whatever pops in your head first - don't worry about perfection, just let your arm create whatever it creates. If this one feels intimidating, then doodle the word picnic or anything else that inspires you.

Here is some reference:

Have fun!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Welcome to the Doodle Day July doodling challenge! This is day 9 and the doodles that participants are posting are fantastic! If you haven't see them, go to the Facebook Group and check it out! You can browse but won't be able to comment on the doodles unless you join the fun so consider joining us for some stress free doodling fun!

First, I want to thank Alayne and Julie for helping me with doodle prompts so far this month. Stay tuned for some other fabulous volunteers jumping in to share some prompts throughout July.

It has been raining here in Georgia for two weeks straight - until this morning. Looks like it is about to pour but it isn't yet. Out running an errand this morning, my car was stopped by a mommy duck and her three adorable ducklings following her across the busy street. Morning rush hour is probably not the best time for ducklings to cross but they made it to the other side without getting squashed. In honor of those brave little ducklings this morning, today's doodle prompt is...


Remember, your doodle can be duckling-ish or a Zentangle in a duck or a duck pattern or inspired by what you think or feel when you hear/see the word "duckling". Maybe you want to create a duck font or duck hats or duck boots or a duck costume. Have fun with the freedom of the duckling doodle prompt.

How to draw a duckling:

Duckling photos for reference:

Duck drawings for reference:


Duck patterns for reference:

Have fun!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Welcome to Doodle Day July! We are on Day 8 and today's prompt is Julie Rowan-Zoch's idea. I have to tell you that when I read this prompt (she sent it to me a few days ago), I had to look it up on Google because I hadn't heard of it. Amazing! Fascinating! I stared at the images as I reached for my sketchbook. I drafted out a 2 inch square and tried one immediately. WOW! You all know that I enjoy Zentangles and some of you know that I enjoy creating Tessellations. Today's prompt fits with those and I have already done 5 of them. I'm addicted. I even created a Pinterest Board that includes a short video of how to create this type of doodle so it can be taught to students.


Julie's Blog and see this prompt!
Have Fun!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Welcome to Doodle Day July - Day 7! It has been a week, are you making time to doodle each day? These drawings are meant to be quick sketches so if you think you don't have time, try to take 2 minutes for doodle time.

Today, Julie Rowan-Zoch has her fourth doodle prompt for us. If you live in Georgia or Florida, this one will make a lot of sense. I'm about ready to build an ark. Oops, don't want to reveal her prompt. Go to her blog to check out her post then grab whatever you like to use - pencil, pen, crayon, pain, tablet, etc...and enjoy a bit of doodling time.

Have fun!
Are you new to Doodle Day? Check out the May posts and prompts on the sidebar on the right of the blog. Back by popular demand, Doodle Day is going through July with guest posts and prompts donated by May doodlers. If you want to join the challenge, leave a comment or join the group on Facebook and start doodling with us.
Doodling everyday is good for your brain, increases creativity, healthy for your arm, fun, relaxing, etc... Nobody is judging your doodles, no grades, no "assignments" - use the prompt if you are inspired by it. Enjoy the process. For writers, this is a chance to see your scene or character in a new way. For artists, this is a drawing challenge that is not hosted by an art director - nobody will ask you to re-work it. For parents and children, this is a chance to do something fun together this summer. For those who have always believed that they "can't draw" - I say that's baloney. Everyone can draw. There are a million different styles, what's yours? Just put your pencil to the page and see where it takes you.
As Peter H Reynolds says in his book THE DOT, "Make your mark."