Saturday, February 22, 2014

Doodle Day 2014: February Creature Month - Week 3

I had a fabulous week of projects. I doodled Duck/Dog doing a bunch of different things, worked on a puzzle sketch that I hope will someday get into one of my favorite children's magazines, taught an art lesson about Tomie dePaola to a Kindergarten class, and painted the windows of an elementary school for Tune Out TV week and Read Across America.

If you are new to the February Challenge for Doodle Day, we are creating creatures/monsters/aliens each week. We're spending a whole week doodling each one in different poses and/or with a variety of expressions.

To see my character for Week 1 click HERE
To see my character for Week 2 click HERE

Here is my character for Week 3:

I call him Duck/Dog...

Duck/Dog chasing and playing chase with Duck/Cat
Totally off theme, I saw this photo of a sloth and its stuffed giraffe posted on twitter and I had to doodle it up. Here is the photo and my watercolor version.

Come back next week to see what I come up with for Week 4. : )

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Doodle Day 2014: February Creature Month - Week 2

The Doodle Day drawing community is working on Creatures/Monsters/Aliens this month and we are spending an entire week on each character.
Here is my Creature for Week 2:
This is a combination of a Ram/Dog/Duck. I tried wings here.

I changed up the colors and curved his back here. I also changed the feet and gave him arms.

Tried a different body color again and took out the swirl of hair. I also made his eyes bigger. I gave him some action and prop to see how he would react.

Since it is really cold down here in Atlanta, I asked my character to knit a sweater.

Love is in the air for Valentine's Day so he painted a card.

Come back to see my character for week 3...
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