Wednesday, March 17, 2021

 New Free Pandemic Coloring Page #106!

Today is day 379 of quarantine - Every day is a new day. I hope you saw yesterday's post and are celebrating small moments. The pandemic can be stressful, so take the celebrations you get. Today's page is about learning. You can learn something from anything and everything. Think about this one. You learn something from everyone, even if it's what not to do. You don't have to judge. You don't have to get angry. You do you. Learn from others and figure out something to use or something to remember not to use from that information, but whatever you choose, you will continue to grow. 

In my Get Out and Go challenge for this year. I have ridden 16 miles and I have 484 to go. When we have better weather, my number will go up, up, up. Make a goal. Do your best. Celebrate your progress. #GetOutandGo If you want to join me, leave a message. If you don't walk, bike, swim, jog, skate, *insert any other activity* 500 miles, then celebrate what you do get done. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

New Free Pandemic Coloring Page #105!

Celebrate the small moments. They all count. They all contribute to your quality of life and feeling of self worth. 

I rode my bike yesterday. 7 miles. It is an ebike, but contrary to popular belief, that is not the same as a moped. You have to pedal, even if you have turned on pedal assist, you have to pedal the whole time (unless you are coasting down hill). I live with permanent damage to my knees, wrist, and elbow and riding a bike (without excessive pain) was taken out of my ability range for a long time, but with level 1 pedal assist for the giant hills in my area and my super cool vertical ergo grips, I can ride. I have ridden 168 miles since getting this bike last October and I plan to ride 500 miles in 2021, so yes, I'm celebrating 7 miles. 

Challenge yourself and celebrate every step toward that goal. 

If you want to join me in the Get Out and Go challenge to ride, walk, jog, skip, dance, swim, skateboard, roller skate, etc.... 500 miles (or any amount you complete) in 2021, Comment on this post or the post from last Wednesday to let me know. #GetOutandGo 

On a different note - Today is day 377 of quarantine and while everyone around me is claiming to be eligible for the vaccine, I suspect many are not being truthful. I am not yet eligible. I will not sign up until I am. I realize that starting today in Georgia, if I had gained 20 lbs during the past year of quarantine, I would not be over 25 bmi and qualify - however, I did not. I stayed fit. I worked hard to stay fit while baking cookies and brownies and breads for my family. My group is next. I've waited a year, I'll wait for my group. You do you.