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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Welcome to Day 21 of the Doodle Day May challenge! If you are new to the group, you can catch up at the links below:

Original Blog Post with the announcement of Doodle Day May
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Day 14 - Sun
Day 15 - Heart
Day 16 - Space
Day 17 - Fruit
Day 18 - Swirls
Day 19 - Triangle
Day 20 - Fish

I have received a few questions about whether or not a t-shirt is available with the Doodle Day May badge. The answer is yes - if you want one. I can upload it to Café Press or Queensboro in a matter of minutes if there is interest. Post a comment or message me or post it in the Facebook group page - if you are interested and I'll get it moving.

Now for today's doodles. I have been going back and forth with concrete themes such as Hat and fluid motion themes such as Swirls and have outlined the themes for the remainder of the month. : )

Today's doodle prompt is SHOE.

Draw a shoe - it doesn't have to be attached to a character, just draw or design one shoe (or pair). Go with a boot, a heel, a slide, a flip-flop, a slipper, a tennis shoe, a gym shoe, a cowboy boot, or any other kind of shoe you can come up with. Don't spend a lot of time on it - just doodle whatever comes to mind and don't over think it. Remember you can always do a one continuous line drawing of a shoe-ish shape or create an outline of a shoe and fill it with Zentangles. Shoe might also mean telling a fly to skedaddle. The interpretation is up to you. : )

Here are some shoes for reference:

Have fun!

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