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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Welcome to Day 26 of the Doodle Day May challenge. This group has been growing and growing and we are up to 63 adults and at least a dozen children doodling around the world! I'm seeing drawing skills improve, confidence increase, and creativity soar. Grab a pencil and start doodling!

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Today's doodle prompt is LEAF.

Draw one leaf. There are soo many shapes and colors of leaves. Draw one from a tree or plant that you like or invent your own. Look at a leaf up close, really close and see the pattern (or lack of pattern) of the veins. Draw a leaf shape and fill it with Zentangles. Doodle a leaf font or a character ... Just don't let yourself overthink it - this is a doodle.

Here are some leaves for your reference:

Have fun!

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  1. Oh, good. I love leaves -- beautiful shapes that change with seasons, go away for the winter, but are reborn in the spring.