Wednesday, April 14, 2021

 New Free Pandemic Coloring Page #115

Today is day 409 of quarantine. You might be stressed, you might be nervous, you might be sad because you haven't seen family and friends in awhile, but know that there are also many things to "Bee Happy" about. Here in Georgia, everyone over 16 can get the vaccine (with a little computer dedication to finding a location). School down here is out in just over 5 weeks. The sun has been out and plants are starting to sprout or even bloom. Grocery stores are stocked with toilet paper. If you are stressed, angry, sad, nervous, find some little thing to be happy about and celebrate it. If you need more coloring pages, there are 114 more below this one, so scroll on down and pick one you like. 

Today, I got dose #2 of the vaccine, so I am happy, and relieved. My plants are looking okay in the garden - not great yet, but this is very early for the garden, so I am happy. My kids are almost done with school for this crazy remote learning year and this also makes me happy. 

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