Wednesday, August 5, 2020

New Free Pandemic 2020 Coloring Page #45
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Day #145 of quarantine and I think I am on Facebook too much because I am soo tired of reading complaint after complaint. Everyone is going through this. The Pandemic is Global. Please. Consider that the schools have never been through this. The teachers have never had to teach their classes virtually before (not counting spring when they were thrown into it). School administrators are making judgement calls knowing that anything could change any day. Restaurants are opening and closing when cases pop up by their employees. Small businesses are closing because they simply can't be closed for months at a time. It's like our country has been flipped upside down, shaken, and then thrown on the floor and stomped on. Close your eyes. Take a breathe. Forgive your children's teachers for the spring and wish them well for the fall. While we wait for things like test results, cases to go down, schools to get things going smoothly, businesses to do the best they can, the election this November, etc...Be Patient. 

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