Monday, April 27, 2020

New Free Coloring Page!
Copy, Print, Color, Share
We are now on week 6 of quarantine. How are you? I won't judge. Are you baking like crazy? Have you developed a new hobby? Taught yourself to crochet on YouTube? Started a garden? I'll tell you, I waver back and forth between itching to get out to favorite restaurants and enjoying baking bread at home with my children. As the weather is improving, I'm enjoying time outside in my garden and walking the dog, but I miss my routine of getting what we need at the grocery store and planning my meals based on what sounds good to eat rather than what we have available in the kitchen. In any case, I continue to stay home and stay safe and I hope you can do that, too. No specific reason for the floating spheres today, just created whatever my arm led me to create. I hope you enjoy it as a coloring page.

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