Sunday, July 7, 2013


Welcome to Doodle Day July - Day 7! It has been a week, are you making time to doodle each day? These drawings are meant to be quick sketches so if you think you don't have time, try to take 2 minutes for doodle time.

Today, Julie Rowan-Zoch has her fourth doodle prompt for us. If you live in Georgia or Florida, this one will make a lot of sense. I'm about ready to build an ark. Oops, don't want to reveal her prompt. Go to her blog to check out her post then grab whatever you like to use - pencil, pen, crayon, pain, tablet, etc...and enjoy a bit of doodling time.

Have fun!
Are you new to Doodle Day? Check out the May posts and prompts on the sidebar on the right of the blog. Back by popular demand, Doodle Day is going through July with guest posts and prompts donated by May doodlers. If you want to join the challenge, leave a comment or join the group on Facebook and start doodling with us.
Doodling everyday is good for your brain, increases creativity, healthy for your arm, fun, relaxing, etc... Nobody is judging your doodles, no grades, no "assignments" - use the prompt if you are inspired by it. Enjoy the process. For writers, this is a chance to see your scene or character in a new way. For artists, this is a drawing challenge that is not hosted by an art director - nobody will ask you to re-work it. For parents and children, this is a chance to do something fun together this summer. For those who have always believed that they "can't draw" - I say that's baloney. Everyone can draw. There are a million different styles, what's yours? Just put your pencil to the page and see where it takes you.
As Peter H Reynolds says in his book THE DOT, "Make your mark."

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