Friday, July 12, 2013


Welcome to Day 12 of the Doodle Day drawing challenge. I hope you have been enjoying the prompts and taking a minute or two each day to create a doodle.

So far in July, we have had the following prompts:
Day 1 - Doodle the word "Doodle"
Day 2 - Skyline
Day 3 - Mandala
Day 4 - Sparkle
Day 5 - Swing
Day 6 - Sad
Day 7 - Storm
Day 8 - Notan
Day 9 - Duckling
Day 10 - Picnic
Day 11 - Crustacean

I hope you're ready for something a little more angular with some firm edges and corners.

The prompt for Day 12 is ROBOT.

Robots can be tall and slender or short and squat - think C3PO versus R2D2 from Star Wars.
Robots can be HUGE and powerful or small and gentle.

One way to doodle a robot is to break it down into shapes: Think of cubes, cylinders, spheres and combine them. Add some accordion shapes. See a robot in your mind. One that you could have created in 3rd grade out of paper tubes, foam balls, boxes, and pipe cleaners. See the parts and doodle it. Draw loosely to create and combine the shapes then after they are in place, outline it with a firmer line and it's done.

Does your robot have buttons, slides, knobs?
Does your robot have antennae?

Here are some 3D shapes for reference but your robot doodle can be 2D, too:

Here are some robots:

Have fun!

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