Thursday, July 4, 2013


Welcome to DOODLE DAY JULY! Today is day 4 and that means that it is the 4th of July! Woo Hoo! Cue the fireworks!

If you are new to Doodle Day, this is a daily doodle challenge. It began May first and we had nearly 100 doodlers participating. We are back for July because it was soo much fun, we just didn't want to stop letting our pencils dance across our pages.

Each day, I post a prompt with some inspiring photos and/or drawing tips and participants can either use that prompt or doodle something else that flows from their pencil. A doodle is a drawing that does not take a lot of thought. It isn't perfect, it isn't meant to be added to a portfolio or submitted to an art director. This is a relaxing exercise in releasing creativity. Your doodle can take 10 seconds or up to an hour but if it takes longer than that, you are probably over thinking it. You are always welcome to turn your doodles into portfolio quality pieces but you certainly don't need to. Be inspired. Be creative. Have fun.

This month, a bunch of the fabulous doodlers who participated in the May challenge have volunteered to host a prompt or two. Today, we can thank Julie Rowan-Zoch for her fabulous prompt and without ruining her fun, I will send you to her BLOG so click and have fun!


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