Monday, July 1, 2013


The Doodle Day May challenge ended on May 31st but the group on Facebook has continued to grow and doodle! I received soo many requests through June to continue the challenge and the prompts that we are officially back on for the month of July! Woo Hoo!

If you are new to Doodle Day, join the Facebook Group and then check this blog each day to find out what the doodle prompt is. You never have to use it - it is there to inspire. There are people who are told "draw something" and then they stare at a blank page and panic. There is NO STRESS associated with this challenge so if the prompt inspires you to doodle something related (or unrelated) go with it. If you wake up and feel like doodling a chicken, do it. There are no requirements for this challenge. If you doodle something, anything - you have been successful. The idea is to allow yourself to be creative without worrying about perfection. If you are still at a loss, start drawing circles and see what they become. Write your name in funky letters. Your doodle does not have to BE anything either - swirly lines, zig zags, polka dots - whatever gets your arm moving is fine.

Doodle Supplies:
You can use a pencil, crayon, marker, pen, computer, paint, Hershey syrup,...or anything else to create your doodle.

What to doodle on?
Paper, post it note, computer, napkin, pancake,... whatever you want.

Now, grab your doodling instrument and get ready for today's prompt.

This challenge has been soo successful because of the amazing participants. Yes, there are professional illustrators and those who want to become professional illustrators, but there are also writers, teachers, parents, children as young as 4 years old, and friends who haven't drawn a thing since elementary school. In honor of you, we are starting with a doodle that I will join together to create this month's t-shirt/notebook/mug/print design.

Doodle the word DOODLE.

Anyway, any style, any direction, color or black and white.

Remember that this is a doodle and does not need to be "tight" - there are no art directors judging it. It can take you 10 seconds or it can take you an hour or anywhere in between but any longer is not a doodle - it's a masterpiece and you are probably over thinking it.

Whatever font or style you create is up to you. If you surround it with swirls, Zentangles, flowers,... that is totally up to you. Make it your own.

If you want your doodle to be included in the shirt design, (which will be a collage of the different doodles for this prompt), email me a jpg to I will shrink it or crop it to fit in with the design.

Oh! I almost forgot. This doodle prompt is a little longer than others. I will still post a new one each day this week but you have until Friday to send me a doodle of the word DOODLE. Post them on the Facebook Group page whenever you finish it. The sharing in that group is fantastic!

Have fun!


  1. Sounds like fun. Wish I had time to doodle right now!

  2. I love your "doodle" above. Very pretty!