Friday, July 19, 2013


Welcome to Day 19 of the Doodle Day July drawing challenge! If you are new to the challenge, here is the summary of how it works:
1. I post a prompt each day
2. You are either inspired by the prompt or something else is calling you to be doodled
3. You spend a few minutes creating a doodle. This is not a portfolio quality piece - just a doodle. Try not to overthink it or spend too much time perfecting it. Just let it be what it is. Mistakes happen. If you sneeze while doodling a sun, it becomes a cloud and add your sun somewhere else. Don't stress about this - it is a relaxing way to let your creativity flow.
4. If you are comfortable, post your doodle on the Facebook Group page for Doodle Day May.
5. Scroll down in that group page and see what everyone else has posted. If you like it or something about it, write a comment. If you have suggestions for improving their doodle, write a comment. If you want to know how he or she created that doodle (media, program, style, ...), ask in a comment.
6. If you come across artists, videos, books, tutorials, etc... that interest you and are related to doodling, drawing, patterning, art, sketching, painting, ... share it in the group page. Chances are, others are interested, too.
7. Have fun.

We are in the middle of summer and the weather is warm and breezy. Perfect day for today's prompt...


Doodle a kite.
Or make a pattern of kites.
Or draw a kite shape and fill it with Zentangles (see the May challenge for that post)
Or make up a kite font
Or doodle what kites make you think of
Or doodle the swirly ribbons flowing from kites
Or...whatever else you can think up.

Here are some kites for reference:

Have fun!

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