Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Wordle: dOODLE

Welcome to Day 16 of the Doodle Day July drawing challenge! Yesterday's prompt was "dance" and the doodles were everything from dancing birds to ballerinas. Fabulous! Keep doodling. You are more than halfway through the month and on a roll. Is it a habit yet? Almost. Take a little time each day to draw something - don't go for a masterpiece, just start with a dot or a line and see what it becomes.

Today's prompt was inspired by a picture book that Julie Rowan-Zoch read and enjoyed. She emailed me and asked to get added on for another prompt post because she thought it would be a super fun thing to doodle. Curious?


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  1. Had to laugh at myself as I opened your post; so drowsy, I forgot my own prompt!