Friday, January 6, 2012

Story Starter #2

Imagine that you are in Kindergarten. Breathe in the smell of Crayons and Play-doh. Hang your coat on your hook and stick your lunch box in the pile with everyone else’s. Join your class for circle time. After singing the welcome song, your teacher takes attendance and assigns everyone’s jobs for the week. Are you the line leader? Are you in charge of caring for the class pet? What kind of pet is it? Do you get to pass out the pencils during A B C time? Do you get to write the letter of the week on the board? Do you get to show how to make the daily number out of coins? What is your job? Are you excited about it? Did you want one of the other jobs instead of the one you were given?

Now ask some “what if” questions…
What if you are the line leader and the kid behind you keeps poking you while you walk? How will you handle the bully?

What if you are in charge of the class pet and on your way to recess you realize that you left the cage open? What will you do?

You are the leader for A B C time and the letter of the week is “G” but you don’t remember how to make a lower case “g”? What will you do when your teacher calls your name?

What if you were given the worst job in the world? What is it and what will you do about it?

Now write… and don’t worry about it. Just see where it goes.


  1. Love this prompt! I'm going to spend the afternoon thinking about being in kindergarten as I go about my ordinary tasks.

    Thank you!

  2. LOVE this one! Great prompt! I think if you're a teacher of this age group you have an advantage over normal people :) Every day you are surrounded by what matters to them, what challenges them, the little but oh so important things that affect them. It's hard to hang onto that when your own kids have grown past this stage and you don't work with kids. Thanks for the vivid details - they really help. (And they're evocative - you write well :))

  3. Glad you enjoyed the story starter! Come back tomorrow for the next one.

    Susanna - I was an elementary teacher, a summer camp director, and I have two kids who are the target age I write for. It helps and I hope to pass this on to my readers.

  4. Today's prompt evokes great imagines! I felt in was in that kindergarten classroom :D