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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Welcome to the Doodle Day July doodling challenge! This is day 9 and the doodles that participants are posting are fantastic! If you haven't see them, go to the Facebook Group and check it out! You can browse but won't be able to comment on the doodles unless you join the fun so consider joining us for some stress free doodling fun!

First, I want to thank Alayne and Julie for helping me with doodle prompts so far this month. Stay tuned for some other fabulous volunteers jumping in to share some prompts throughout July.

It has been raining here in Georgia for two weeks straight - until this morning. Looks like it is about to pour but it isn't yet. Out running an errand this morning, my car was stopped by a mommy duck and her three adorable ducklings following her across the busy street. Morning rush hour is probably not the best time for ducklings to cross but they made it to the other side without getting squashed. In honor of those brave little ducklings this morning, today's doodle prompt is...


Remember, your doodle can be duckling-ish or a Zentangle in a duck or a duck pattern or inspired by what you think or feel when you hear/see the word "duckling". Maybe you want to create a duck font or duck hats or duck boots or a duck costume. Have fun with the freedom of the duckling doodle prompt.

How to draw a duckling:

Duckling photos for reference:

Duck drawings for reference:


Duck patterns for reference:

Have fun!


  1. Oh my gosh...you are totally making me want to raise ducks! We wish we had a pond or creek in our property to raise them. We could use a kiddie pool (ducks really only need water for mating purposes) but we're too lazy to clean it daily. LOL!

    1. Fun! I grew up in harbors so was around ducks all the time. They just make me smile - especially the little ones.

  2. Oh yay, I actually have an entry for today. I spent some time doodling a family of ducks while in Vermont, so will post them shortly.