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Monday, July 29, 2013


Welcome to Day 29 of the Doodle Day July drawing challenge! I challenged myself (and all of you) to doodle a cow yesterday and I am impressed. There were realistic cows and cartoony cows and they all looked great!

Down here in Georgia, school starts in a week and my kids and I spent the weekend on a scavenger hunt for the very specific supplies on the school supply list. Later this week, the lists will get posted and we will know which teachers they have and which other kids will be in their classes. Very exciting time. They are sad that their summer is coming to an end but they can't hide their excitement that a new school year is beginning.

Today's doodle prompt is SCHOOL.

You can doodle a school, any type of school supplies, a backpack, a school bus, a lunch box, a child ready for school, a back to school sign, etc... anything related to school. Remember that kids are both nervous and excited. They are gathering supplies, back to school clothes, labeling everything, selecting the right lunch box, looking forward to seeing old friends and new friends, scared that the new teacher will be mean, ...

No reference pics for this one - too many things to choose from.

Have fun!

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