Monday, January 25, 2021

New Free Pandemic Coloring Page #93!

Copy, Print, Color

I always begin a new sketchbook with a page for my name. If your name is Alison - spelled this way, you are welcome to print it and use it as a coloring page. 

Today's Coloring Page is...BEGIN

Today is day 329 of quarantine. Today, I created a new crochet hat pattern that I'll upload to my Ravelry Store and made one and half samples of it, crocheted several inches of a junk yarn basket, and illustrated 2 new coloring pages for my brand new (old, but unused - I did not go out - there's COVID out there) sketchbook. I get asked often how I work on my garden, crochet hats and create patterns, draw coloring pages, paint in my journal, write children's books, create recipes for cookies, etc... and my answer is always BEGIN. Just start. You want to learn something new? Watch a YouTube video and begin. You have nothing to lose. If the crochet stitch looks terrible, try again. If the cookies taste terrible, change something in the recipe and try again. If the hat looks funky, change the pattern and try again. The only thing you have to lose it time. There is no big secret. Want to try something new? Begin. 

Now - go create something.

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