Monday, July 20, 2020

New Free Pandemic Coloring Page #40!
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It's day 129 of quarantine for the COVID19 pandemic and numbers are still on the rise in Georgia. Our Superintendent and school board (like many) have decided that all students will do remote learning until it is safe to return to face 2 face classes. I know there are people upset about this and I know if will may be difficult for many to work full time with your kids home on a computer much of the day trying to navigate through school classes and assignments. These are unprecedented times and all I can suggest is that you take it a day at a time. Set up your children with designated work spaces with the tools he or she or they will need. I wish you all well and hope that you are able to manage these difficult challenges of childcare, safety, and education while accomplishing tasks associated with working and managing your living space. #staysafe Let's flatten this curve so we can get our children back to school. 

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