Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Month of HAND LETTERING in Doodle Day

Sorry about the blog hiatus but I've been very busy doodling. : ) Doodle Day is still going strong and we are up to 511 members of the online community. Our theme this month was HAND LETTERING. Personally, I had never sat down and really thought about how to approach hand lettering. Sure, I doodled and played with names and words here and loved doing the Notan designs for Doodle Day last year but I really hadn't worked on composition and how the viewers eye will move around the piece (specifically referring to a lettering piece) until this month. I started a new sketchbook just for Hand Lettering and I'm keeping it positive, motivational, and inspiring. I didn't fill the sketchbook this month but I did average more than one doodle per day and I intend to continue to fill this sketchbook with just hand lettering. Here are my doodles from this month...

If you'd like to join Doodle Day - an online community of doodlers. We have monthly themes and daily doodle prompts. You can post your doodles, get feedback, share your ideas, ask questions, and join a very supportive group. Click on this link to join: DOODLE DAY

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