Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doodle Day 2014 - February Creature Month

Doodle Day has been full of busy doodlers everyday since May 1st last year! Last month was Backgrounds and Scenes and this month our focus is on Creatures/Aliens/Monsters. I have asked each doodler to create a character at the beginning of each of the four weeks in February and then spend the rest of that week playing with that character. I'll update this post as I complete each week.

Here is my Creature for Week 1:

I started with a loose watercolor to figure out what shapes I wanted to combine to create my character. This is a combination of a duck and a pig with a bit of dog body. I played with uneven shaped eyes to see what it would look like.

I gave him a giant radish since he wouldn't eat a regular old carrot.

Then I spent a couple of days working on facial expressions to help me figure out who he is. I also added a blue ring to his eyes.

I spent the rest of the work playing with action and posing my character.
During the week, I also painted some abstract pieces with watercolor:

 Come back to see my Character for Week 2...
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