Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Character Challenge - Day 3: All About Eyes

Day 3 - All About Eyes
This is day 3 of the Cha-Cha and so far we have worked on head shapes and sketched some 2-4 year old characters. When you are working on a character, the eyes are a super important feature to give attention to. It isn't just the shape of the eyes that has emotional impact for the viewer but also their location on the face. The eyes can be high, in the middle, or low. They can be giant or small. They can be set far apart or close together. We learned yesterday that eyes that are large and low on the face give the idea of youth but eyes that are centered, small, and far apart can also give the impression of youth.
Large oval shaped eyes that are open give a look of wonder while eyes that are asymmetrical present a quirky, funny expression.
If your character is being sneaky, make the eyes more narrow and darken the lower eyelids a bit.
If your character is goofy, tilt the ovals or egg shaped eyes toward each other at the top or push them close together.
Female eyes often have 2 or 3 eyelashes tilting up toward the outside of the face.
Here are 8 pages of cartoon eye reference for you. Try out some different eyes on your characters and don't forget to try a pair of glasses on your characters, too. For more eye reference, check out the thousands of pages of eyes on Google images. Keep working on toddlers today and check back here tomorrow for a new age group to play with.



  1. I love eyes. Love what personality comes through in them.

    1. I do, too, Jerry. The entire personality or mood of a character changes with a slight tweak of the eyes.