Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Character Challenge - Day 11: 18-25 year olds

Day 11: 18-25 year olds
Welcome to Day 11 of the Character Challenge! We have sketched toddlers, kids, pre-teens, and teens. We have also worked on eyes, ears, noses, and mouths. If you have been keeping up with this challenge, great job! We are moving pretty fast and only have a few prompts to go!
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Today's prompt is 18-25 year olds. College students and recent grads. This age group includes young people choosing careers and entering the work force or joining the military. In books, we now refer to them as New Adult - and they have their own genre.
What you ever knew about figure drawing can pretty much go out the window on "characters." Your squat adult male might only be three heads tall. Your young dad character might be just 4 or 5 heads tall. What makes these characters different from the children using same number of heads in height is that their face moves up on the head to the bottom third or even closer to the center. Ears move up to be between the eyes and nose instead of down between the nose and mouth. Hands get more defined. Clothing changes - grown up style. Women may wear jewelry. Men may wear a hat (other than a baseball hat). Hairstyles become cleaner with less fly away hairs.
Posture - "Posture can either energize or rob it of its energy." - Chris Hart
You can show a characters feelings even without facial features.
Here are a few stances:
Forward Leaning = aggressive or eager
Backward Leaning = easy going
Neutral but swayed forward a bit = Cute and innocent
Bend the knees and lean your character back a bit  = a goofy look. Think Moose from the Archie comics.
Think about posture when drawing these young adults. Is he or she heading off to college or to a job at the Chicken Shack? Give him a silly work uniform and show in his posture that he is either excited to go or dreading the idea.
Have fun!
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