Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Welcome to Day 23 of the Doodle Day July drawing challenge! Have you been doodling every day this month? Great! If you haven't, just take a minute or two and whip one up. We're not asking for portfolio quality, just a quick doodle to get what's in your head to the page.

For today's prompt - PUPPY

I don't want you to spend your time trying to draw a dog that looks totally realistic. A Doodle is a Loose drawing. Don't overthink it.

Use some light circles or ovals to create a head and body and then add your legs, facial features, tail, etc... I'm going to doodle puppies with super exaggerated features. They won't look like real dogs and that's okay. They will be dog-ish.

This prompt is specifically puppy, not dog so remember that just like human babies, puppies have big heads. Puppies also have big eyes, short legs and big feet.

There are many different breeds of dogs, too - you can make up your own or make a puppy of a breed you like. I like furry dogs, so you can remember what you learned doing the hair prompt on day 20 and apply that for a puppy.

Here are some HOW-TO pics and adorable puppies for reference:


Have fun!

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