Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Welcome to Doodle Day May - Day 7. Our 7th day of doodling fun! Artists, writers, parents, teachers, children, and friends are hearing about our doodles and want to join in the fun so we are getting new doodlers joining the challenge each and every day! Yay!

A dedicated doodler in our Facebook group lost her dog during this challenge and posted a beautiful doggy doodle. I am soo sorry for her loss. I have dogs and have lost dogs and I feel her pain.

Doodle Day May - Day 7 drawing prompt is DOG.

Draw one dog.

There are soo many different breeds - you can draw a small dog, a big dog, a skinny dog, a fat dog, a hairy dog, a short-haired dog.

Think about the snout - long like a Golden or short like a Pug.
Think about the ears - floppy or perky, big or small
Think about the tail - long or short - hairy or shaved
Think about the feet - puppies have big feet if they are going to grow to be big dogs
Are you drawing a puppy or an adult dog?
Is your dog wearing clothes?
Should the dog be standing, sitting, running, jumping, sleeping, asking for a belly rub?

Don't stress about this one - your dog does not have to look real - it is a doodle. Create your own breed. Mix features of two breeds together. Create any type of dog you want.

Here is my dog, Oscar and my doodle for today (I made him extra fat in my doodle):

Here are some dogs for reference: