Thursday, May 2, 2013


There were a lot of doodles posted on the Facebook Group page yesterday for DOODLE DAY MAY - Day 1. Great job! Yesterday's prompt was about Zentangles so if you didn't try it, you are welcome to go back to it (or any drawing prompt) on any day. If you missed the first post about this new challenge - click HERE to learn and consider joining us on a doodling adventure for May. These prompts are only to give some inspiration to those who want or need it.

Today's drawing prompt is inspired by a sculpture lesson that I taught to my 6th grade students when I was a middle school art teacher in Colorado. The assignment for the students was to create a sculpture of a monster - it had to have a body, two arms or wings, legs and feet. In addition, it had to have 3 or more other parts built on such as ears, horns, tail, hands, nose, fangs, ... This assignment was pretty open but I never graded on artistic talent, merely on an ability to follow directions. This was my example - my students called him the Hertz Monster and he became the mascot for my classroom.

So today's prompt is MONSTERS. They can be cute and fluffy or prickly and scary - it is up to you. It can be a group of monsters or just one. It can be peaking out from under a bed or inside a closet or just snuggling up with its favorite human. There are no requirements here. If you need ideas for awesome monsters, look up Tara Lazar's book the Monstore or look at the trailer for the new movie coming out this June - the sequel to Monsters, Inc.

How to draw a monster? Ack! Don't know where to begin? My advice is the same for my students when creating a sculpture. Begin with the body. Use a circle, an oval, a square, rectangle, triangle or some wackier shape. Then add some legs, do you want them to be long or short, wide or thin? Add some feet - is your monster wearing shoes or does he/she have big hairy toes? Maybe little dainty feet? Decide if your monster(s) have wings or arms or both. Horns or ears or both. Teeth or toothless? A big slobbery tongue? Perhaps your monster enjoys a hat? It is always fun to look at a photo of a human and turn them into a cuddly monster. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "What would I look like as a monster?" Does your monster have a head or is his body and his head all one piece? Are the eyeballs dangling off? Are those eyes giant or tiny, even or uneven? Spikes? Bumps? Hobbit feet? Scales? The possibilities are endless.

I will post my examples in a couple of hours - until then, I have some mommy duties. Have fun!

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  1. Aww...he looks like he's about to hug someone! That's my favorite kind of monster. :-)