Monday, January 23, 2012

Story Starter #9: Grass is Greener

I have written several story starters asking you to be a preschooler, Kindergartener, or a first grader. For this one, I want you to leap into the mind of an animal, specifically, a young animal. You might be an animal that lives as a pet in a child's home. Maybe you live in the forest or near a pond or even in the zoo. Whatever it is, you want something to change... You are well taken care of, you have food, shelter, family - you should be happy. To you, everyone else seems happy.

To turn this vague concept into a book for children, let's ask some "What if" questions.

What if you live in the zoo and wish you lived in one of the other habitats? Maybe the monkey's have more things to climb on or the seals have more space to swim.

What if your mode of transportation is flying but you wish you could swim?

What if you are friends with animals that climb but you are a duck and can't climb trees?

What if your friends all eat worms or bugs and you eat grass?

What if you want to change colors like a Chameleon or play music like a Katydid - but you can't?

What if the humans that you live with are acting like they love their other pet more that you?

You need or want to change something you can do or something you can eat or where you live or play because it looks like the animals that can do that, eat that, live there, or play there are having a lot more fun than you are.

Now write...


  1. hehehehe, *rubs pen between hands* I love this story starter!!!

  2. Nice story starter! Thanks for sharing, and thanks as well for being part of the 2012 Comment Challenge!
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  3. These are fun STORY STARTERS. I wanna live at the Zoo!

  4. ooooh I just love this idea, my mind started racing right away! Thank you for the story starter!

  5. I love all these story starters. Thanks for sharing the goods Alison.

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