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Monday, July 22, 2013


Welcome to Day 22 of the Doodle Day July drawing challenge! I've been having a lot of fun posting prompts and doodling the first thing that pops into my mind when I look at each prompt. I hope you're having fun with this, too. Yesterday, was "box" and we saw everything from gifts to kangaroos. I like to go back and forth between prompts that inspire more angular designs and prompts that inspire more curvy lines.

Today's prompt is MONKEY.

This does not mean you have to doodle a monkey. What does the word make you think of? Personally, I call my kids my little monkey's so I think of them first, then a stack of bananas. I also think of trees and swinging.

If you do doodle a monkey, think of gesture. Draw a shape for the head and then just a faint line to show the position of the body. Once you are happy with that, add in the legs, hands, and face details.

There is a great video I found on gesture for figure drawing - the example he uses is a bean. *Warning, there is nudity in the video because it is about simplifying figure drawing.* You may be wondering, What?? Watch a bean drawing video and then doodle a monkey? Yes. I use gestural lines when I am drawing anything living - including trees and plants, animals, children, ... I'm not posting the video (because my kids use my computer and there is nudity in figure drawing) so go to www.YouTube.com and look up ProkoTV. He has several fantastic videos on gesture drawing.

Here are some monkeys for reference:

Have fun!

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