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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Doodle Day November Challenge - Animal Month

For the entire month of November, we focused on Animals in Doodle Day. Every day, a different animal (trying to be more creative than just dog, cat, fish, bird).

Here is my summary of my month of Animal Doodles:

November 1st - Capybara

November 2nd - Raccoon

November 3rd - Elephant

November 4th - Jackalope (a mythical creature)

November 5th - Prairie Dogs

November 6th - Shark

November 7th - Newt

November 8th - Red Panda


November 9th - Cow

November 10th - Chicken

November11th - Okapi

November 12th - Dragon (mythical animal)


November 13th - Cheetah


November 14th - Fox

November 15th - Giraffe (at this point, I injured my drawing arm and had to draw with my non-dominant hand - this is the reason for the style change for several days)

November 16th -Dinosaur

November 17th - Seal 

November 18th - Peacock

November 19th - Aye-Aye - I chose to doodle a Seal instead.

November 20th - Beetle

November 21st - Polar Bear

November 22nd - Sugar Glider

November 23rd - Wild Boar
My arm was injured during this time and I could barely move it. Erin posted for me today.

November 24th - Deer
Same as yesterday. There are a few extra doodles at the end of the month to make up for lost time. Erin posted for me today, too.

November 25th - Koala

November 26th - Hamster - Had to draw these with my non-dominant arm.

November 27th - Guinea Pig - Had to draw these with my non-dominant arm.

November 28th, November 29th, November 30th
My arm is still injured so I did some random animals with my non-dominant arm.

Snig - my son came up with this one.

Using basic shapes to create some animal combos.



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