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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SkADaMo 21

SkADaMo 21 - Bubble Girl
To see past sketches from this month, click below:
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To see Linda Silvestri's Sketched Out blog with her SkaDaMo sketches and links to all the other illustrators participating in this challenge, click HERE.

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  1. Fun - have you read Arnold Lobel's The Great Blueness? This reminds me of it!

  2. Cool, loved the bubbles!

  3. Nice!!! What bubbly fun :-)

  4. Looks like fun! Have you read The Giant's Bath by Margaret Mahy? A terrifically fun story... and now I'm thinking there must be SOMEthing I could write about a bath :)

  5. Sooo FUN!!! Love your imagination.