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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Story Starter #4

As Mommy drives you toward your house, you see Daddy standing in the doorway waving. You start wiggling in your seat. Daddy is rarely home right after school so you are excited to see him. Mommy unbuckles your carseat; you grab your preschool backpack, climb out of the car, and run to the house. As soon as you get inside, you see Daddy holding a BIG surprise for you. A new pet!

It isn’t a dog, a cat, a bird, or fish. What is it?

Ask some “What if” questions:

What do I name it?

What if I don’t take care of it ‘right’?

What does it eat?

What if it bites me?

What will my friends think of my new pet?

Now write. . .


  1. It's RABBITS! Four of them! Just like I really did get when I was about four years old. I'd better leave my toy bunny, Sammy, in their pen in case they get lonely or scared in the night.

    This is going to be fun to write about!

  2. Beth - I am soo happy to see you motivated to write from this story starter!

  3. I will turn 50 this November and would LOVE to come home one day to find my husband holding a PONY!!!! Hahahahaaa.
    This is a very FUN story starter! Thanks for sharing it...

  4. I'm with Sheri! I want the pony :) But a goat might be fun, too - I've heard they cause all kinds of trouble :)

  5. I was always the kid who wanted to report on an uncommon holiday or have the unusual pet, so I want it to be... a guinea pig! There aren't enough stories about these adorable, intelligent fellows, if you ask me.

    They're very sociable, too - just ask my mom. When we were at school, the other cage critters were mostly sleeping, but my guinea pig would squeee so that Mom would come into my bedroom to talk to her!

    Hmmm... maybe a picture book about a guinea pig with a big, big secret - can she keep it to herself or will she spoil the surprise?

    (found you through MotherReader & Lee Wind's Comment Challenge- and am sticking around!)

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